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All teachers are fully insured and have completed the required training to teach the particular style at the displayed level.

Adriana Ballester

adriAdrianna Ballester – From a young age in her home country of Venezuela, Adriana was recognised for having a natural gift for healing when caring for the people around her. Growing up immersed in a culture of traditional family cooking she was taught by the women in her family who expressed their love and care for others through food. Adriana’s passion and skill grew inspired by those beautiful Chefs.
From her early twenties she began a personal journey of self discovery, studying a wide variety of spiritual practices, treatments and therapies from around the world. Adriana is known for her Shamanic healing, Energy work through massage as well as being a gifted Chef bringing her talent to the trendiest restaurants of Dublin, Ireland.
Years ago, when recovering from a serious back injury she discovered the power of healing through meditative dance. This insightful and life changing experience inspired her to develop a new practice called ‘Empowerment Movement Meditation’.
The art of connecting with your true self through free movement dance.
Adriana guides you to find your own natural rhythm and shows you how to release tension and cultivate inner awareness, balanced with creative self expression through movement.

Máire Ní G

MáireMáire Ní G – Having travelled the world and studied many spiritual traditions, Máire finally found truth in the Tao. She trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the Tao Garden, and became the first certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor In Ireland. Máire is the founder of Universal Healing Tao Ireland and organises Mantak Chia’s visits to Dublin.

Through dedication to her practice, Máire continues to experience huge shifts in energy and personal transformation. She is passionate about sharing these well preserved ancient practices with others so that they may experience the benefits too.

Máire teaches classes, courses and workshops year-round – Chi Kung/Qi Gong, Tao Yin, energy cultivation practices, Healing Love, and Female Sexual Alchemy.

Jonathan Roche

IG_Campaign_Master-03-D-JohnnyMedical Herbalist Jonathan Roche established The Bray Clinic of Natural Medicine in February 2017. The Clinic facilitates patients recovery from illness both short and long term. It also helps people in their ongoing management of health, through treatment, consultation, prescriptions and food/ lifestyle advice. With a wealth of clinical experience, Jonathan is able to treat many conditions, naturally with herbal medicine, shiatsu or both systems together.

David Scullion

Mr DavidDavid Scullion is a devoted practitioner of integrative healing. He focuses on the interconnectivity of mental, structural, emotional, and spiritual union with the understanding that when we give attention to any one thing, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

At the foothills of self-enquiry and his own restorative process, David pursued his curiosity venturing into the remote depths of the Peruvian Amazon to engage in a penetrative exploration of the mind. Confined in isolation under the guidance of Master plants and highly revered shaman Orlando Chujandama Huazanga, this rigorous routine transpired into a pivotal shift of consciousness.

Anchoring the heights of this experience and expanding in its teachings, David began to practice Vipassana meditation; the foundational cultivation of mind body awareness. This was met with intensive study of Ashtanga Yoga; the traditional study of eight limbs of yoga as taught by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, synchronising the breath with a progressive sequence of postures.

The multidisciplinary approach to these unwavering practices has been the fundamental groundwork for David’s personal development and the richness of understanding that translates to his professional teaching.

After 10 years of training and teaching throughout Australia, Indonesia and South East Asia, he is returning to his home land of Ireland where he studied martial arts from a young age specialising in Brazilian Jujitsu and competing at the highest level in UK MMA for six years.

He Currently trains at Straight Blast Gym in Dublin.

He also qualified with the Royal Life Saving Society and led the first team of coastal lifesavers in Ireland.

Grace Tempany


Grace Tempany is a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and secondary school teacher of French and Music.

Grace’s yoga teaching is deeply functional, grounded in a finely-tuned understanding of the physical purpose of the poses, and moving on into the energetic, emotional, mental layers of the practice from that key starting point. Her teaching stems from a keen awareness of anatomical singularities and meridian theory, coupled with a deep focus on cultivating greater awareness and compassion in her students.

Grace believes that our ability to connect deeply with ourselves and with others lies at the core of our understanding. She believes one can only hold space as a teacher when in humble acceptance of how little we can truly ‘know’ for sure. Holding space for others to dive deep with their own practice and inner work is a privilege.

She is passionate about finding a place for yoga and meditation within the mainstream education system. She is finally getting somewhere in this regard and will be teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy in school from September 2019. Yay for the little victories!

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