Daithi_600x600Hello, I’m Daithí and I love yoga!

I’ve been practising Vipassana and mindfulness meditation since 2010, yoga since 2013 and completed my RYT 200 Hrs. Hatha Yoga teacher training at the Om Shanti Om Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India, in April 2017.

I completed my 100 Hrs. (Level 2) Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Lo, one of Sarah Powers’ (Insight Yoga Institute) approved Yin Yoga teacher trainers and have completed my Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training Intensive with Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

I’m currently pursuing my advanced RYT 500 Hrs. in Anusara Yoga at Ard Nahoo and researching a framework which marries Yoga Nidra and Art Therapy for my Masters in Art Therapy dissertation at CCAD. I’m pursuing a Herbal Apprenticeship at The Plant Medicine School and am a keen Freediver, certified to AIDA 4* Master Freediver level.

Simply put, I believe happiness, well-being and access to healing is all about finding holding in nature. The more elaborate and involved the conversation becomes, the stronger and more resilient you will become. The more abstract it is, the weaker and more prone to illness, depression and addiction you will be. I also believe that narrowing the divergence between one’s true self (intuition, spirit, soul, etc.) and the persona one lives out in the day-to-day world can lead to all kinds of insights and healing. As such, I love working with people on the theme of self-inquiry. I employ various forms of meditation, yoga and art-making to try to help people tune back into their own intuition and to begin or progress that conversation the universe has been willing us to have all along. I love facilitating workshops on social dreaming, deep listening and therapeutic artwork.

I hold certificates in Advanced Shamanic Practice (Shamanism Ireland), Art Therapy (Crawford College of Art & Design), Therapeutic Playwork (Children’s Therapy Centre) and Neuro-Dramatic Play (Dr. Sue Jennings) and am in the process of completing my Transpersonal Therapist training with Shamanism Ireland.


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